Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shadow of Power by Steve Martini ***

Perpetual Slaves is a book within a book that wonders about the racist implications of counting African-American slaves as three-fifth of a person during the founding of the United States, and the continuing implications of this language still being preserved in the US Constitution. Incredibly, Shadow of Power by Steve Martini suggests that when Perpetual Slaves dramatizes the fact that this language is still part of the US Constitution, race riots ensue across the country.

This bit of fantasy is the backdrop for a murder mystery. The Perpetual Slaves author is brutally murdered and a hotel room service employee/white supremacist, Nazi wannabe is charged with the deed.

In the end, a plot, every bit as incredible as the race riots, is revealed.

Regardless, of the events which demand inhuman suspension of disbelief, the book is engaging and exciting - truly a page turner. As with many best sellers, each of the chapters is excellent while the overall story arc is unbelievable. Fortunately the surprise ending only mars the final chapters and is otherwise ignored.

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