Saturday, June 27, 2009

Being Elizabeth by Barbara Taylor Bradford **

Elizabeth Deravenal Turner becomes the Managing Director of a private international trading company that her family has been running for centuries at the young age of twenty-five. What follows are her idyllic adventures in business land fraught with challenges, threats and near disasters. Through this all she is supported by the love of her life, Richard (Robin) Dunley.

The key to understanding this superbly written novel is that it is a romance. Nothing ever happens bad to Elizabeth and most crises are solved in the following chapter, if not immediately. The author takes an omniscient point-of-view showing that everyone has only beautiful, happy, and loving thoughts. It is a fairy tale in the guise of a novel with a few very silly sex scenes (his strength in her core) thrown in for no apparent reason.

While the details of the super-rich of England (clothes, food, jewels, homes, gardens, etc.) were very interesting, the simplistic fantasy did not hold my interest.

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