Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rules of Deception by Christopher Reich ****

Do you remember the movie The Long Kiss Goodnight that built its complex plot around an internecine feud within the United States intelligence communities? Well, Christopher Reich returns to this fantasy for his wonderful thriller set in Switzerland. The hero is a doctor who unwittingly married a spy and didn't figure it out for eight years, until people started to try to kill him. I really enjoyed Dr Jonathan Ransom as a smart guy thrown into the middle of multiple plots of murder and mayhem. Often without realizing his impact on the situation, he out smarts everyone and solves the mystery.

The other nice point was how the various antagonists misinterpret Dr Ransom's behavior simply because they cannot believe that he is the innocent and his wife is the spy. Often this leads to a comedy of pride and prejudice reminiscent of Jane Austen's finest. Rules of Deception is an enjoyable mixture of mistaken identity and suspense.

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