Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Future of Love - Characters

The Future of Love by Shirley Abbott reminded me of that summer in high school when I read War and Peace. Before I could concentrate on the story I had to draw a diagram of the characters. Leo Tolstoy introduced too many characters for me to keep them all straight when I came back to the book on another day. Shirley Abbott left me in the same predicament. Here is a crib sheet for the main characters.
  • Sam and Edith Mendel: unhappily married; Sam is in love with Antonia Blass.
Their three children:
  1. Anna: married, Baptist.
  2. Rachel: Orthodox Jew.
  3. Stephen: married to Camilla.
The granddaughter: Alison Mendel is engaged to Candace Johnson.
  • Antonio Blass: widow of Fred Blass; in love with Sam Mendel
Her daughter is Maggie, married to Mark Adler.
The daughter is Toni Adler; her best friend (from Montessori school) is Ashley Parker.
Mark Adler is in love with the Sophie to Montessori school teacher.
  • Arthur and Gregory live on Antonia's building in NYC and are old friends
Gregory is Candace's uncle.

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