Saturday, June 20, 2009

Resolution by Robert B Parker *****

Resolution by Robert B Parker is a western about gunfighters, ranchers, saloons, and crooks in the lawless west. It might be a book of cliches, but Robert B Parker's clear crisp style of simple declarative sentences and crisp dialogue makes it a pleasure to read. The protagonists are two gunfighters, Everett Hitch and Virgil Cole, who wander into a lawless western town and become stuck in the middle between the ranchers, mine owner, lumber mill owner, and Wolfson who own everything else and will not be happy until he owns everything. Virgil's world is black and white.
"I been a lawman," Virgil said. "Never shot nobody 'cept according to the law."
"You always had rules, Virgil."
"Why you shot Bragg for me," Virgil said.
"So you wouldn't have to break your rules," [Everett Hitch] said. "I didn't mind."
"I appreciate it," Virgil said.
But Virgil also had his share of gunfighter's angst.
"Virgil," [Everett Hitch] said as the horses walked towards home, "I get killed while you figure out what you are, I'm gonna resent it."
Virgil nodded.
"Don't blame you," he said.
Fast read. Great story. Get a copy. Read it.

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