Friday, June 19, 2009

High Wind in Java by Peter Tonkin *

High Wind in Java by Peter Tonkin might not have been so sleep inducing had not the writing been so completely devoid of simple declarative sentences, but rather replete with double negatives and tortured syntax making even the more exciting parts of the story not only difficult to follow, but also slow and daunting to decode, preventing the building of suspense or characters from rising above their verbose and pedantic, double thinking selves.

Huh? What dya say?

That's how I felt as I chopped my way through this tropical jungle of words. Exhausted, I gave up be for I reached the end of this story of natural (sharks cause attacks of flocks of flying fish - imagine a scene from The Birds) and man-made disasters (land slides caused by logging). The jacket even promises pirates, but I didn't get that far and I don't recommend you even try.

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