Friday, July 31, 2009

Smart Girls Think Twice by Cathie Linz ****

The smart girl is Emma (Jane Austen anyone?), an assistant professor in Sociology. Emma has returned home to Rock Creek for the marriage of her two older, cooler, and pregnant sisters: Leena and Sue Ellen - one a civic activist and entrepreneur and the other an Internet-certificated interior designer. Thrown into this crazy-making mix is mother Maxie, retired hair stylist.

Emma has also returned to study the revitalization of Rock Creek - she has a grant for this research. Her subjects include extreme sportsman Jake - sexy, strong, secure, sexy, sullen, silent, sexy Jake. Did I mention that all the obvious parts of Emma anatomy become weak, and warm, and wet, and wobbly whenever she is near him? This is pretty much all the time, by one coincidence or another, but don't worry about his absences, as the same result can come from her thought of him. Did I mention that this is a romance?

My favorite couple was Leena, the Goth girl and Oliver, the nerd with a 5.0 at MIT.

A fine summer read with a surprisingly intricate and well-constructed plot with great subplots and everything neatly resolved at the end.

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