Friday, July 24, 2009

Magic Study by Maria V Snyder ****

Magic Study by Maria V Snyder is book 2 in the series started with Poison Study. In this book, Yelana travels south the meet her parents (Perl and Esau Liana Zaltana) and her brother Leif. In the course of her study with the Fourth Magician Irys, she runs up against the sadist Goel, the megalomaniac Cahil, and the sadistic, megalomaniac Ferde. Amid the usual torture and abuse of the female characters, Yelana make friends with a very smart, telepathic horse named Kiki, an entrepreneural street urchin named Fisk, and reunites with Valek, Janco and Ari for the first book.

A fine sequel to Poison Study, still a page turner, but also slightly repeative with similar themes and situations.

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