Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heart of Stone by C E (Catie) Murphy ***

Margrit Knight, protagonist of Heart of Stone by C E Murphy, is a gutsy, legal-aid lawyer living in Manhattan with two love interests: Anthony (Tony) Pucella, a homicide detective, and Alban Korand, the centuries old, gargoyle. Other preternatural characters include: Daisani the vampire, Janx the dragon, Cara the selkie and Malik the djinn, collectively referred to as the Old Races. On the human side of the cast are her roommates Cole and Cameron.

Margrit finds herself in the middle of interracial rivalries as she struggles to unravel the murders of young women in Central Park before Tony hauls Alban off the jail as the prime suspect or she herself becomes one of the victims. In the end, volume one of The Negotiator Trilogy, solves the mystery and ties off the loose ends.

Though published by Luna Books, an imprint of Harlequin Books, and there is a vampire, this is definitely a fantasy, and not a vampire romance.

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