Sunday, December 13, 2015

The Toymaker by Melissa Jenson *****

Ashima Nayar's childhood encouraged her to be curious and independent.
Ashima's parents had always made it a point to get the whole story, to understand why, and what.
 Her upbringing became important when the goblins and their beasts attacked her village. Her parents were shipped off to the mines and she went to a city which resembled a prison. When the mean kids through her doll Asha down the garbage chute, she dove in to rescue her. There she meet Ren.

This is the start of The Toymaker by Melissa Jenson and the beginning of Ashima's quest with Ren, the toymaker, and the golems he brings to life from bits of stuff in this post-apocalyptic world.

Ren and Ashima search for Ren's grandfather and Ashima's parents. Ashima perseveres against Ren's better judgement.
Are to. You have to. This is way, way, way too dangerous for someone your age. So turn around and go back, now.
In the course of this epic journey, they join a circus, discover a space ship, meet up with the resistance, and in a action packed climax, fight the battle of Goblin City.

The message of this exciting YA quest can be summed up...
Well... no. It's not a matter of life being hard, it's a matter off... a matter of life being tricky, I guess.

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