Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Scientist by Jay Deb *****

Janco is a nuclear physicist with more allegiance to money than any particular country, culture, or creed. As a result, he has been incarcerated in Nevada for treason.

Max Doerr, the protagonist of this series, is a freelance spy who usually works for the CIA. Omar is Doerr's counterpart working for the other side.

Ariella is a Mossad assassin.

The game is set off when Ariella assassinates the head of the Iranian nuclear program and the CIA inadvertently releases Janco, the obvious replacement.

The CIA enlists Doerr to locate and recover Janco. The Iranians enlist Omar to locate and recruit Janco. As these things happen, Doerr and Omar have a long history and their own reasons to go after each other. While both Doerr and Omar are evenly matched as skilled fighters and planners, Janco is a deliberate scientist.

Janco is the perfect low-energy counterpoint to these two men of action. Everyone underestimates Janco. While he is generally passive, he occasionally analyzes his situation and finds a way to exploit his advantage and foil the plans of whoever is currently holding him captive.

The Scientist by Jay Deb is a well-plotted action adventure with a exciting mixture bureaucratic incompetence and tactical genius with Janus as the pawn and the prize in a chase throughout Europe. A fast-moving spy thriller.

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