Thursday, December 31, 2015

Secrets of a Side B**ch by Jessica Watkins ****

In a novel where f**k appears on almost every page, mostly in the literal sense, three women are interested on Omani. Secrets of a Side B**ch by Jessica Watkins tells these stories from the point of view of the eager women and the reluctant, well not that reluctant, Omani.

The three woman are Aeysha, Simone, and Eboni. Aeysha is Omani's true love. He stays with her to spite her lack of education and job, weight problems, and inability to conceive. Simone has it all, looks, job, money, car, everything except a man. She wants Omani, but underestimates Aeysha's competition. Eboni? Eboni wants Omani.

This book is well written and delivers what it promises ... except there was no resolution at the end, just a "too be continued."

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