Sunday, September 13, 2015

Robots Like Blue by Anthony Deeney *****

If you are a reader of both fiction and nonfiction, Robots Like Blue by Anthony Deeney is the book for you. The book switches back and forth between exposition on theory and philosophy and the narrative story line of super-intelligent robots. Both aspects are well written and enjoyable. 

Deeney brings the robot to life with insights into the their internal perceptions.
Humans cannot know how bewildering it is to burst into existence ... Disorientation is normal at startup. Please be calm. ... It is necessary to avoid startling and upsetting your owner.
In between philosophical discussions of Turing tests, Leibniz's mill analogy, and John Searle's Chinese Room, the plot unfolds around whether robots are self-aware and whether sufficiently intelligent robots still need the Robot Laws made famous by Asimov.

For an updated view on robot ethics, this is the book.

Highly recommended to intelligent readers ... and don't we all fall into this category?

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