Sunday, September 27, 2015

A Dubious Crime by Gerald Kubicki ****

A Dubious Crime by Gerald Kubicki is an action, adventure, alternate history, paranormal mystery. The main character Colton Banyon is reminiscent of Indiana Jones. While he is the guy you want on your side in a fight with guns or knives or anything else or nothing, he also has that omniscient strategic view that makes him a natural leader.

Colt comes to his omniscient point-of-view in a straight forward way. He has a Wolf, a spiritual guide that can see what is happening anywhere. For example, if you were going to take down a warehouse of bad guys, Wolf could see where everyone was hiding and all their weapons. This can be convenient. In addition, if you want to investigate something, Wolf can look back in time at the amazing rate of two years every hour.

Following the Bond tradition, Colt is accompanied by a number of beautiful women, including one retired porn star, who are always ready for recreation or business, such as distracting the bad guys. Pink panties seems to be the distraction of choice, but not the only one.

In summary: here is an adventure with everything: World War II atrocities, global legal conspiracies, international gangs, and military actions. In addition to the action, the supernatural is represented with ancient artifacts stored in Area 51, spiritual omniscient beings, and 8,000 year old transmitters. Throw in some macho leading men and hot, barely dressed women and you have an action adventure that never stops and rarely slows.

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