Monday, April 15, 2013

Data, A Love Story by Amy Webb *****

Imagine the good news: you're successful, analytical, and smart, and the bad news: you're single and dateless. The obvious solution: online dating, except this doesn't work.

In Data, A Love Story, Amy Webb attacks her problem like another consulting job with requirements, experiments, data collection, analysis and execution. In a story that's part memoir and part advice, Webb recounts her investigation of online dating circa 2005.

Typical of her approach is the creation of ten male profiles. These men interact with almost 100 women aka "the competition." From this she comes up with rules ... some surprisingly precise (3-5 picture, 90-100 words), but other that are more general ...
Keep language aspirational, optimistic and positive.
The beauty of this very readable, enjoyable book is the emphasis on Amy's story, her failures, successes, and mostly her ability to face each setback as a learning opportunity that should be approached with data and humor. The heavy-handed advice is kept to a minimum and relegated to the appendix at the end. Bottom line: a lovely story of a strong woman in the 21st century.

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