Thursday, April 18, 2013

Come Home by Lisa Scottoline *****

Jill Farrow's ex-husband William Skyler is dead. Her estranged stepdaughter Abby believes he was murdered and Jill's history with William certainly supports the idea that someone could have murdered him. Under different circumstances Jill might have celebrated his demise, but with Abby so upset, she decides to answer the question: What happened?

How did her dishonest, manipulative, scheming, get rich quick, forever broke ex suddenly have a big house, no mortgage, and expensive cars? Who was his mysterious business partner Neil Straub? Nothing was made easier when Abby disappears and her fiance Sam threatens to leave unless she drops the investigation.

Come Home by Lisa Scottoline is first of all a fast-paced murder mystery with enough twists and turns to keep any mystery reader happy and turning pages.

Jill Farrow has two sides. On even hours she, in the tradition of Sherlock Holmes, is an astute observer of details and a fearless investigator. But during the odd hours, she is hyper-emotional and introspective, worrying each action in terms of its effects on the people around her (Sam, Abby, her daughter Megan, her other stepdaughter Victoria, her pediatric patients, office staff, ... the list seems endless) is a way reminiscent of the most dramatic soap operas. To Scottoline's credit, the latter does not over shadow the former.

An excellent mystery for all readers.

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