Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Family Business by Carl Weber *****

The Family Businessby Carl Weber is not family story. As promised there is a family. LC Duncan is the patriarch of Duncan Motors, one of the biggest dealers in the New York area. The matriarch is Charlotte (aka Chippy). Joining them are their six children. Junior is the strong silent one, preferring to take care of the cars than get involved with the business. Orlando is the chosen successor to LC, since everyone's choice, Vegas, is off somewhere else. Then there is London, with her cute daughter Mariah, and her Ivy League lawyer husband Harris, who seems strangely out of place in this family business. Finally the youngest, the twins, Miss Paris and Mr Rio, who would both prefer partying and chasing guys.

Let me repeat that caveat again:  this is not a family story. Aside from the violence (low double-digit body count), there is a lot of male-author sex, explicit and lengthy. Regardless, this is fast paced story of deception and intrigue, with plenty of action and plot twists.

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