Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Shunning Sarah by Julie Kramer *****

Are you getting bored of James Patterson et al? Here is a new writer with similar pacing, but less macho violence and a fresh voice. Shunning Sarah by Julie Kramer is the 5th in the series about Riley Spartz, TV Reporter in Minneapolis. In addition to solving the mystery of murder of a local Amish young woman, Riley also deals with small town politics, sexual harassment, commercial fraud, boyfriends, pets and parents.

There are enough subplots and plot twists for the hardest-core thriller-mystery fans, including the new News Director - the one with a degree in Business instead of Journalism, and the Old Order Amish who feel the TV is the Devil's tongue. 

This single-sitting page-turner has the added bonus, that dead vehicles count exceeds the dead body count. 

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Julie Kramer said...

I really liked your line about the dead vehicle count exceeding the dead body count. :)