Tuesday, July 17, 2012

MetroGirl by Janet Evanovich *****

Janet Evanovich is the author of the popular series of Stephanie Plum novels - the ones conveniently numbered in their titles (e.g.Sizzling Sixteen). Metro Girl is the first novel in a new series about Alexandra Barnaby (aka Barney). Barney is a auto mechanic. In this first novel of the series, she is on leave from her insurance job (don't ask) trying to rescue her brother (Wild Bill) in a plot that involves smuggling gold and poison gas bombs --- the back story starts with the Cuban Missile Crisis --- from Russia to Cuba to Miami ... and involves both mobsters and federal agencies.

The comic relief/love interest is a NASCAR driver named Hooker. As with other Evanovich books, the possibility of sex and/or violence is always on the verge of the action, but never seems to block the humor.

A pleasant summer read if your idea of action is more along the lines of Bad Boys and Lethal Weapon and not Quentin Tarantino or even Michael Bay.

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