Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson et al

Matthew Brannon is the perfect James Patterson protagonist: struggling artist and ex-Marine. In Kill Me If You Can by James Patterson, the living master of the action thriller genre, Matt provides just the right combination of professional solider and sensitive human being ... the killing machine for the 21st century: deadly and sensitive.

What can I say about James Patterson that hasn't been written? Probably nothing, but just to remind you: this book is fast paced with significant plot resolutions throughout, each followed quickly by the next major plot twist. The book is a short novel in 104 very short chapters. But to maintain the "can't put the book down" pacing, the book is divided into smaller stories with their own rising action, climax and resolution.

As might be expected, the bad guy are very bad, and they each receive their well-deserved punishment. Nothing ambiguous, metaphorical, or symbolic here. Dead is dead and well deserved.

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