Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown ***

In Smoke Screen Sandra Brown starts with the basic murder-to-cover-up-murder, but with a steady stream of twists, reveals, and surprises unravels a fascinating story of ambition, secrets, and deceits. The story starts with the fire at the police headquarters, where Jay Burgess, charismatic ladies-man, Cobb Fordyce, now attorney general, George McGowen, now successful contractor, and Patrick Wickham, Sr, now dead, rescue all but 7 people. The cause of the fire leads to a long string of cover-up murders, until an idealistic fire fighter, Raley Gannon, and a tough newscaster, Britt Shelley, determine to solve the mystery ... or die trying.

A well-constructed mystery, guaranteed not to disappoint Sandra Brown fans, or any mystery readers.

BUT (spoilers ahead)

First, in the 21st century, I find it unconvincing for murder and mayhem to be motivated by the desire of a gay person to stay in the closet, even in Charleston, SC. The people of Charleston should be offended that anyone would suggest otherwise.

Second, valve caps are not required to keep tires inflated.
Even if they try, their tires will go flat before they can catch us. ... She opened her fist ... on it lay four valve caps.

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