Friday, October 16, 2009

Just Another Judgement Day by Simon R Green ****

In Just Another Judgement Day, Simon R Green delivers a urban, punk Discworld. Like Terry Prachett's fantastic Discworld, Simon R Green's Nightside is a place where imagination and irony usually upstage the plot, and woe be to any character or scene that tries to take itself too seriously.
Though it does help if you've got a set of skeleton keys made from real human bones. Personally, I've always attributed Suzie's skills with locks to the fact that they're as scared of her as everyone else is.
How am I supposed to stop the wrath of God?" [John Taylor] said. Not unreasonably, I felt.
You've got to be a little weird, not to mention certifiably strange, to want to spread the good word in a place like [Darkside].
I tore the packet open and spilled salt on the tentacle as it reached for me. The metallic flesh shrivelled and blackened as it fell apart, the way salt affects a slug.
Never leave home without condiments.
Urban fantasy in a class by itself, and a treat for Discworld fans.

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