Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Zapped by Carol Higgins Clark

Zapped by Carol Higgins Clark opens when Lorraine Lily returns home from performing in London to discover her luggage has been lost, her husband has filed for divorce, he's already sold the loft in Manhattan where she intended to spend the night, and New York has a blackout - no electricity, no air conditioning, no elevators, on one of the hottest summer days. And that's just the beginning - there's also a contractor breaking into a renovated apartment, a smash and grab at a art gallery, a women preying on unsuspecting men and daughter estranged from her father. Rapidly, these people get into deeper and deeper trouble while all meeting and greeting each other.

I couldn't put the book down as they all became tied into one enormous mess. Of course, Carol Higgins Clark didn't become a best selling author without the ability to unravel the morass and straighten everyone out in the end.

I had one objection. Everyone landed on their feet, except Loraine Lily. I couldn't believe it. I read the ending three times and even outlined to missing chapter, but in the end poor Lorraine was left in the cold.

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