Saturday, February 7, 2009

Shoot Him If He Runs by Stuart Woods (EXPLICIT)

Stone Barrington is a successful (rich) lawyer, consultant to the CIA, and, now, confidant to the President (of the US). This thriller (mystery with dozens of short chapters) concerns a rather confused notion that the CIA needs to find a lost assassin before his existence spoils the President's chance for reelection. Much of the book's logic requires similar suspension of rational thought processes.

The confusing ending also disappoints by brushing the entire event away in a conceit that was popular in 20th century spy thrillers - it is fiction, but it could have been true because it was all covered up in the end. I prefer the newer style, set in the present, but clearly fiction, such as: Protect and Defend.

Interesting notes:

The President's wife runs the CIA.

Much of the (discreetly written) sex is oral, male on female.

Two of the minor characters are James Tiptree and Thomas Hardy, both famous authors

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