Thursday, January 15, 2009

One Hundred and One Ways by Mako Yoshikawa

Yukiko is torn between Phillip, her romantic ideal, but dead, lover, and Eric, the considerate and successful suitor. But One Hundred and One Ways by Mako Yoshikawa is not about men at all.
There are lots of ways a woman can love a woman.
The story is about generations of women. Yukiko's mother is Akiko, her grandmother is again Yukiko, and her great-grandmother is again Akiko. As these mothers and daughters blend together, the repeating pattern of common names becomes a metaphor of repeated patterns in relationships, lovers and love.

It is also a story of choices and fears.
It must be scary to have gotten everything one ever wanted, or could want. If a person has always been that lucky, then he does not know how much misfortune he can take, and how far he can fall without dying.
I doubt anyone would be disappointed with this brilliant addition to the friends and fashion genre.

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