Sunday, September 14, 2008

Poisoned Tarts by G A McKevett

Daisy O'Neil has it all: good grades, a close relationship with her mother, a nerdy boyfriend, and a part in a TV sitcom. She's also friends with Tiffany Dante, an anorexic, spoiled teenage party girl who is regularly featured on those covers stacked up at the supermarkets checkouts. The day before Daisy's TV debut, she disappears.

Savannah Reid, retired/fired police detective, and her friend Dirk Coulter, still employed by the police, race against the clock to find Daisy, regularly reminding themselves that children not found in the first 24 hours are rarely found (alive). Further complications include adultery and murder.

While this might sound like traditional detective novel, it is not. Poisoned Tarts by G A McKevett, much like War and Peas by Jill Churchill from August, is Chick Lit - heavy on food, fashion and feelings. Well written, with plenty of comic relief, and fast paced, this is a fun book to read and I'd recommend it over the Jill Churchill series.

The story of kidnapping and murder is lightened by Savannah Ried's Granny who is constantly saying things like:
Twasn't a very windy day when that apple fell from the tree.
Sanannah and Detective Coulter banter back and forth:
"Coulter, there isn't one single solitary group of people under the sun you trust, respect, or like"
"That isn't true."
"Is, too."
"Is not. I like dogs."
The cats don't fare much better as demonstrated by Savannah's observation:
Cats were, after all, fickle creatures who loved you more than anything in the world ... except food, pets, and sunshine.
A very relaxing enjoyable read.

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