Tuesday, August 26, 2008

War and Peas by Jill Churchill

War and Peasis number 8 in a long series of Jane Jeffry mystery novels by Jill Churchill.

While I’ve read many novels by Robin Cook (see Blindsight this month), this is my first Jill Churchill, so I can’t make generalizations on the series.

Jane Jeffrey (star of the series), along with her girlfriend Shelley, stumble onto the solution of various crimes (Who killed the nice Ms. Regina Palmer?) and other mysteries (What happened to the potential valuable potentially valuable Little Beauty pea seeds?). This is chatty mystery is mixed with “bizarre flights of imagination” where the two ladies “chew over relationships” as opposed the standard police approach of considering evidence.

What is the mystery? Here's Jane’s synopsis:
Too many relationships, too many people whose real feelings are unknown.
Jane and Shelley solve all the real and imagined mysteries through gossip generously interspersed with fashion and cooking tidbits:
  • In the 1920s women tied their hair in rags to curl it
  • Clean the rim of molasses jars to keep the caps from sticking
  • Recipes for backed beans
  • Critiques of everyone’s fashion sense
Overall: a delightful mixture ot the ABCs - Austen, Bombeck and Christie.

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