Saturday, November 19, 2016

Razor Girl by Carl Hiaasen *****

Remember Alice's Restuarant by Arlo GuthieRazor Girl by Carl Hiaasen is the Alice's Restaurant the 2016 election. Like Arlo Guthrie before him, Carl Hiaasen unrolls a long, humorous story with a serious punchline. Highly recommended for both the journey and the destination.

If you're not familiar for Alice's Restuarant Massacree, briefly, it was a satirical anti-war song from the 1960s. Some say, you had to be there, but you're welcome to find it online if you missed it the first time it came around.

Carl Hiaasen writes zany satirical comedies set in Florida. This latest offering includes: Andrew Yancy, a detective kicked off the police force and now working as a health inspector checking out restaurants, Buck Nance, a reality TV star from Wisconsin who plays a bigoted redneck raising chickens and going by the name of Captain Cock, and Brock Richardson, a lawyer who advertises class action law suits on TV and is a victim of his latest target, an underarm deodorant that cures erectile dysfunction and causes phallus shaped growths plus other difficulties, ... among others.

That gives you the idea, but I can't leave out the title character: Merry Mansfield. Her specialty is to crash into cars to kidnap the driver or whatever. Her special twist is that when the angry driver gets to her, her skirt is up and she is shaving her bikini area. The distracts the victim...well you get the drift.

Like Alice's Restuarant, once everyone is relaxed and happy, a serious message is delivered. So there you have it, a trio of ambush artists: Arlo Guthrie, Carl Hiaasen, and Merry Mansfield.

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