Thursday, June 9, 2016

The Ship by Allan Krummeanacker ****

The Ship by Allan Krummeanacker is a contemporary fantasy with something for everyone, starting with Cassandra Elliott, a billionaire heiress with ghostly relatives who arrive to protect her at critical times, and who has psychic abilities. Next is Julianna Lightfoot, whose father is a native American shaman and whose mother is Italian. Both are marine biologists, and her family is protected by two spirit wolves, one black and the the other white.

Their team is rounded out with several other characters with strange powers who might be aliens. No vampires or werewolves.

The antagonist is The Ship, a intelligence that for centuries has prowled the seas assimilating people and other ships into its composite intelligence, hive mind. This sets the stage for an enormous battle.

In addition to the epic battle, there is also the romance between Cassie and Julie, as each struggles with their personal fears of close relationships and coming out.

 If you enjoy action that is a mixture of force and psychology, this is the book for you. The battle pitches back and forth as each side discovers or reveals different powers, allies, and tactics. From the first encounter to the last, the excitement builds until the climatic ending.

I purchased this book on Amazon as a free kindle book.

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