Saturday, October 17, 2015

The Screen Conspiracy by by Maxwell Black ****

Inside the Beltway conspiracy and Internet porn combine in this political thriller.

Jack Halprin is a corporate executive at Worldcomb. He is one of those adequate bureaucrat made famous by the landmark management book: Peter Principle by Lawrence J Peter over 40 years ago ( . Jack has been promoted his "level of incompetence." Regardless, his seniority, compensation, and experience prevent anyone, Jack included, from addressing the problem.

The Screen Conspiracy by Maxwell Black tracks Jack Halprin's personal crisis and redemption.

When Jack is receives yet another lateral transfer, he finds himself lost in a high-tech Internet division. Everyone, including Jack, his tech-savvy son, his disappointed wife, his arrogant father-in-law, and all the people at the new division, recognize that he is in over his head. Everyone plays Jack for a dupe and patsy.

For example, he is sent to testify before Congress about Internet porn. He has no idea what he is talking about and lies to Congress. This farce is quickly uncovered and he is publicly embarrassed. Eventually he realizes he is a pawn in a vast conspiracy.

His only friends are the guys at the local gun club. Against all odds, as kind of an "over-the-hill gang," Jack teams with Lieutenant John Tibbs, his partner Detective Jean Masters, and a rag-tag amateur militia to take on the CIA, corrupt Worldcomb corporate management, and even more corrupt senators.

In a climax of mid-life crisis wish fulfillment, the book ends with a satisfying culmination of the many plot twists and turns with justice and vengeance meted out to all appropriate parties and with everyone else realizing that they underestimated the redeemed Jack.

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