Thursday, August 7, 2014

Silent Partner by Jonathan Kellerman ****

Alex Delaware is a psychologist who solves mysteries. In this early Alex Delaware novel, he explores the question of how do early-childhood traumatic experiences affect later life. This important question usually concerns child abuse, rape and incest, but in this novel more obscure situations are explored.

Silent Partner by Jonathan Kellerman opens with the case of a two-year-old buy who was in an automobile accident and had his father's severed head land next to his car seat. However, the real story is about a brilliant woman, psychologist Sharon Ransom, and old friend of Dr Delaware, who commits suicide. As Alex investigates the suicide he discovers that Sharon has no history and seems to be a something of a nymphomaniac.

As might be expected from Jonathan Kellerman, much of the investigation reveals not answers, but more questions and more mysteries. The true story is so complex, that the final reveal requires chapters to explain it all.

This is an intricate mystery. I found it to so complex as to seem a little contrived (unbelievable).

Also, a warning, this is a fair amount of explicit sex.

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