Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hidden Star by Nora Roberts **

Stars: Hidden Star/ Captive Star by Nora Roberts combines two novels. This review only covers the first novel: Hidden Star.

Hidden Star is a combination mystery and romance. This was not the ideal book as I am not a fan of either romance or omniscient point-of-view.

The novel openswith Bailey entering Cade Parris' sad Private Investigator office. In spite of the run-down shape of Cade's office, he is very rich. In spite of Bailey's amnesia, she does have an enormous (as in priceless) diamond and over $1 million in cash. Of course, both a good looking.

The mystery is where did the diamond come from and who is Bailey.

This is a romance, so the first thing PI Parris figures out is that Bailey was a virgin (was).

Not my cup of tea, but you may love it.

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