Monday, June 17, 2013

A Pirate Named Molly by Randy Imwalle *****

G-rated limericks for the 4-14 set. There is something universal about the limerick, more structured the haiku and more accessible than the sonnet. The limerick is poetry for everyone.

A Pirate Named Molly by Randy Imwalleis 56 original limericks accompanied by primitive-style (no shading) illustrations. Topics include classic children's stories (Three Little Pigs), Holidays (Thanksgiving), and US History (Wright Brothers), but my favorites were the completely originals like:
A young witch lived close to the ocean
She searched for just the right potion
No newt eyes or frog toes
No bat wool or dog nose
What she needed was high SPF lotion.
For the youngest, this is a good book for parents to read, and for the older ones, there is a section at the back on how to write limericks for them to try their hand at this universal art.

A charming book for the K-8 crowd.

I received a nice paper copy as a winner of the Goodreads First Reads give away program. CORRECTION: I mistaken stated that Amazon only offers the eBook version.That was incorrect. Here is the link A Pirate Named Molly (on paper)

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Thanks for the very nice review. I am always like to hear comments, good and bad! The paperback version of A PIRATE NAMED MOLLY is available in papeback on Amazon. Thanks,
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