Monday, March 18, 2013

Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman ****

Twisted by Jonathan Kellerman is a mystery about a serial killer who strikes on June 28th always with the same weapon, a 3" pipe, but nothing else the same ... not gender, not age, not race, nor location, nor occupation, nor sexual orientation. Besides the murder weapon and date, everything else seems to be random.

Petra Connor, an LAPD detective, has the lead on this unofficial investigation; all the murders are  cold cases, and no one recognize them as related anyway.  No one that is, except Isaac Gomez, a brilliant child from a poor family, earlier rescued by the doctors who employ his mother to clean their mansion. Currently Isaac is interning with the LAPD while researching for his PhD in Bio-statistics, for fun while waiting a few years before going to Med School.

As might be expected by an accomplished mystery writer like Kellerman, the book has subplots and twist, and reveals. It moves smoothly with from start to finish with interesting characters and enough intrigue, sex, and violence, to keep the story interesting without becoming morbid, prurient, or dull.

My only complaint, is the editing. I read the first edition where 77 centimeters equaled three inches, and where drunks in mid-June were characterized starting St. Patrick's Day early. Happy to report later edition changed to 77 millimeters, but later editors still celebrated St. Pattie's Day in June.

A quick-read mystery.

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