Friday, February 8, 2013

The Prisoner's Wife by Gerard MacDonald **

The Prisoner's Wife by Gerard MacDonald (an academic from England) is a disorganized thriller the follows Shawn Maguire (ex-CIA assassin) and Danielle Baptiste (the prisoner's wife) on their quest to release Darius Osmani (the prisoner). This takes place in 2004, so all concerned can be confidently snarky about the Bush/Cheney administration. Even as a liberal reader, I felt this to be petty in 2012 (when the book was published) and fantasy in 2004 (when to story is taking place).

The couple teeters on the edge of sex or sexual tension, as they share chaste beds in the English countryside, Fez Morocco, and Peshawar Pakistan ... never tipping over into a relationship that the reader might care about. "Frequent flyer" Darius is shuttled from one prison to another to be interrogated and tortured, usually one step ahead of the valiant couple. The reason for this chase is unclear, and not helped by the steady stream of random flashbacks to Shawn's dismal professional and personal failures.

There are better thrillers, but if you want some explicit descriptions of torture, you will find them here.

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