Saturday, May 12, 2012

An African Affair by Nina Darnton ***

An African Affair by Nina Darenton is about Lindsay Cameron, an American reporter, who is uncertain about her life: should she risk her life for a news story? should she forgo a relationship for a news story? should she keep writing news stories? While these might be real issues in some alternate universe, in this novel they are trite and contrived. In this formulaic mystery/romance, our heroine tracks down multiple mysteries ... is her lover Mr Right or manipulating drug dealer and murderer? who is behind the latest Nigerian coup? who really murdered that CIA agent? ... and who cares?

This novel reads like a checklist ... dark lover - check; evil secret organization - check; heroine kidnapped - check; heroine rescued - checked; red shirt killed - check; and so on and so forth.

Unless you are interested in Lagos Nigeria - author lived there for a couple of years and has a fine descriptive memory and style - this is easily skipped.

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