Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons by Blaize Clement ****

Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons is a straight forward mystery without any plot twists or turns. The bad guys got rich running a Ponzi scheme centered about Florida real estate, smuggling illegal immigrants, and other unspecified dastardly deeds. They are willing to drop people into the ocean from their private plane and to kidnap government witnesses and their babies if anyone gets in their way. In the end, they are found guilty of every bad thing anyone suspected.

But none of this can be considered a spoiler, because fans of Dixie Hemingway, the protagonist, ex-deputy and pet sitter, all know she is never wrong and never fails. With a zero body count, one of the bloodiest scenes is when Dixie, not much at home in a kitchen, attempts to chop onions for a lasagna that is doomed to be replaced by takeout.

This delightful book is all about the people: Guidry, her current beau wants her to move to New Orleans with him, her brother Michael - the cook in the family - and his partner Paco, Opal the baby and her parents, and of course all the pets Dixie take takes care of in between apprehending the bad guys.

If you like cats and/or dogs and plots reminiscent the 50s sitcoms, this is the book for you.

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