Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Deception by Jonathan Kellerman *****

Deception by John Kellerman opens with a dead substitute teacher discovered in a bathtub of dry ice and a DVD accusing three teachers at the exclusive prep school where she worked of sexual harassment. Against the world of privileged kids vying to gain entrance to selective colleges, detective Milo Sturgis and his unpaid assistant psychologist Dr. Alex Delaware follow the trail of murder and arrogance along with assorted sex, blackmail, and cheating.

As the the best mysteries, the suspects come and go, as different crime are uncovered and discarded as ultimately irrelevant to the murder. [Micro-spoiler follows:] With so many expensively educated suspects, the geek in me was happy that the Caltech student turned out to be one of the good guys, not innocent - no one is innocent in this fable - but not a murderer.

An excellent book for a long plane ride or a short vacation.

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