Monday, December 13, 2010

Hello Kitty Must Die by Angela S Choi *****

Hello Kitty Must Die is a delightful, entertaining and humorous story about about Fiona Yu, lawyer, Yale graduate, still single and living at home in San Francisco. If you like your feminism light and dark, like a drugged latte or a blond corpse, you won't be able to put this book down.

Fiona negotiates pressures at home to get married and at work to put long hours with the help of her serial-killer, high school buddy Sean Killroy. Together they leave a trail of corpses with poignant humor and naive good-will not seen since Bonny and Clyde.

While you might agree with Fiona's view that women should not be "a hole in a mattress" or a Hello Kitty... you might differ with her on some of her logic and methods ... or maybe not.
I hate [Hello Kitty] for not having a mouth or fangs like a proper kitty. She can't eat, bite off a nipple or finger, ... or lick herself. She has no eyebrows, so she can't look angry. She can't even scratch your eyes out. Just clawless, fangless, voiceless, with that placid, blank expression topped by a pink ribbon.
Simply delightful.

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