Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This Time is Different by Carmen M Reinhart & Kenneth S Rogoff ***

This Time Is Different is a heavy Economics book, full of dense text and graphs. What could possibly be learned from this academic tome? Three things: First, the financial crisis of 2007 and on-going is just more of the same as demonstrated from 800 years of data from 66 countries around the world. Second, that same crisis is on the large end of the scale and there is no reason to think recovery will arrive this year or next. Third, I was an Economics major in college because I find this stuff fascinating, something I have denied since graduation.

If you didn't just love the Economics courses you took in college, or if you didn't take any Economics courses in college, you can safely skip this one ... otherwise the graphs were scintillating and the time lines can keep you up at night. ROFL.

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