Monday, January 4, 2010

Every Which Way But Dead by Kim Harrison *

Sometimes the most useful review is a BAD review. My library cataloged Every Which Way But Dead as Science Fiction and the author Kim Harrison is billed as a NYT bestselling author (Yes, bestselling is now a word.). So what's not to like?

To begin, and maybe to end, this is not SF. It is a feelings and fashions vampire novel. After a bit of outsmarting-the-devil (think of Daniel Webster here), the story move into a dull, repetitive groove of fashion, odors, and angst about who our protagonist wants to bite her on the neck and who she doesn't. Unfortunately, she is all angst and no action. I personally died of boredom so many times, I just gave up.

The book does include some cute pixies and interesting witches, but that does not make a novel.

BTW, if you happen to be a Kim Harrison fan, and the NYT assures all that they are out there, please let me know what you see in this stuff.

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