Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Cruise ****

First there is Lucy Savage Porter, the logical high school Physics teacher, with three dogs named Einstein, Heisenberg, and Maxwell, recently divorced from Bradley Porter, and looking for a radical change in her life.

Second, there is Zack Warren, the middle-aged, bachelor police detective, hot on the trail of John Bradley, embezzler of 1.5 million dollar in bearer bonds and probably his wife's murderer.

What is the connection between Bradley Porter and John Bradley, aside from their common name?

When ever Lucy and Zack are together, shots are fired and bomb explode. Which Bradley is targeting Lucy or Zack, and why?

Getting Rid of Bradley by Jennifer Cruise is a wonderful little whodunit full of humor and romance. Romance, you might wonder? Why romance? Well, the book is published by HQN, a Harlequin (We are romance) imprint. However, except for a very silly four-page sex scene, around page 200, the rest is a terrific read.
Zack touched her the way she'd fantasized, with the same intensity that he lived every minute. His mouth and hands were everywhere, hot on her skin, now light, now rough, until she writhed against him and forgot to feel anything but the need and heat and touched him with a hunger that she'd never conceived possible before.
Over four pages of this, but after that it returned to a tightly written, whodunit, full of humor.

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