Thursday, April 23, 2009

Crazy Fool Kills Five by Gwen Freeman * * *

Let me see if I can get this straight. Fifi Cutter is a hip Los Angeleno, a LA 6, not great, but not bad. The top of the scale is an LA Asian 10. She has two unrelated half-brothers: Bosco, the fast talker, irresistible to women, and Joe, the detective in the LAPD. Unrelated? Think about. This is a smart book and you're expected to be alert.

When an unhappy, so say crazy, ex-employee of a charter air carrier sneaks onto a plane and shoots the pilot, killing the pilot, co-pilot, two Chinese businessmen, and incidentally himself, plus the poor guy drinking beer in his mobile home when the plane landed on it, Fifi gets involved in the liability trial: widows vs insurance companies.

As the story unfolds, witnesses keep turning up dead and the plot twists and turns. Though the charm of the book is the witty banter and improbable characters, before the story crashes and burn, the body counts doubles and Fifi is kidnapped several times.

While I enjoyed the humor, in the end I couldn't get the story straight. I loved the journey, but was disappointed with the destination.

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