Saturday, March 21, 2009

24 Hours by Greg Iles

The basic plot is a kidnapping of extraordinarily intelligent victims by red neck perpetrators. The story is centered around three perpetrator/victim pairings. The victim husband, an intuitive, scientist, entrepreneur and doctor, is paired with the perpetrator's abused wife - a stripper, lap dancer, prostitute, ex-drug addict. The victim wife, who dropped out of med school to raise her son even though her grades were better than her husband's, was raised in a military family and is very tough. She is paired with the angry red neck who thinks her husband killed his mother. Finally comes the five or six year old kidnapped daughter, portrayed by a girl with the intelligence, poise, and nerve of James Bond. She is unevenly paired against a large man with the intelligence, poise and nerve of a five or six year old.

Given these pairings, there is never any doubt as to who will prevail - not any more than in a Die Hard, Karate Kid, or Under Siege movie. Like these cinematic offerings, the action is constant. This is a very fast read.

Note: Sexual jeopardy added to the child kidnapping jeopardy. This is an R-rated book, not for younger readers.

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