Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Chimera by Will Shetterly

Chimera by Will Shetterly is a neat little science fiction mystery. Chase Maxwell is a down and out, ex-military (UNSEC or U.N. Security in this case) private detective with the requisite bad habits (gambling and smoking in this case). He is also a vegetarian. The damsel in distress is Zoe Domingo, the 26th in a litter born on Sunday. Zoe is a Jaguar/Human hybrid (aka Chimera). The murders revolve civil rights for Chimeras and AIs.

The book is packed with science fiction wonders in the areas of both biology and physics and lots of action. Will Shetterly avoid the science fiction tendency for characters to lecture and packs the book with pithy and humorous one-liners.
When you're sure the world's against you, it's hard for the world to prove it doesn't know you exist.
"Most of Gold's work was in artificial intelligence. What does that suggest?"
"That there isn't enough real intelligence to go around."
He collapsed in his chair, slumping forward to strike the table and his plate with his forehead. The plated flipped like a tiddlywnk, strewing spaghetti on top of the gore.
A quick and enjoyable read.

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